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September is National Preparedness Month!

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Free Child Safety Seat Checks by a certified car seat technician/instructor.  Free child safety seats (upon availability) to those who qualify.  Call 606-735-2157 for more information.

Cribs for Kids App Download the Cribs for Kids App and share safe sleep educational information everywhere you go! Share this QR code with new moms and caregivers so that they have the AAP safe sleep recommendations with them at all times!

Do I have a cold . . . or the flu?

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Bracken County Health Department was established in 1960,  and we pride ourselves on providing clients with high-quality and personal service. 
Our office is conveniently located in Brooksville, Kentucky.
Providing good service means taking the time to listen. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure you receive the services you need. Our business is client-oriented, and we maintain strict confidentiality.

We hope you'll find the information you need on this site about our business and the services we provide. We look forward to working with you.

Learn about SIDS / Safe Infant Sleep

Check to see if you may be eligible for WIC benefits.

What is WIC?
WIC is a federally funded health and nutrition program for Women, Infants, and Children.  If you are pregnant, postpartum or a breastfeeding mom, you may qualify for WIC.
If you have an infant under the age of 1 year old, or a child up to the age of 5 years old, they may qualify for WIC.
Call 606-735-2157 to see if you qualify for WIC. 

Welcome to Kynect. Kentucky's Healthcare Connection. Quality Health Coverage. For Every Kentuckian.

What are the symptoms of whooping cough/Pertussis?  Whooping cough starts with the following symptoms: Runny or stuffed-up nose, sneezing, mild cough, a pause in breathing in infants (apnea).  After 1-2 weeks, coughing, which can be severe, starts.  Children and babies may then begin to develop these more serious problems:  1.  Coughing very hard, over and over   2. Gasping for breath after a coughing fit.  They may make a "whooping" sound.  Babies may not cough or make this sound - they may gag and gasp. 3. Difficulty breathing, eating, drinking, or sleeping because of coughing fits.  These coughing fits happen more at night.  4. Turning blue while coughing from lack of oxygen, 5.  vomiting after coughing fits.  Coughing fits can last for 10 weeks, and sometimes happen again the next time the child has a respiratory illness.  Whooping cough spreads easily through the air when a person who has whooping cough breathes, coughs, or sneezes.  Almost everyone who is not immune to whopping cough will get sick if exposed to it.  A person can spread the disease from the very beginning of the sickness (when he has cold-like symptoms) and for at least 2 weeks after coughing starts.  To learn more about the DTaP or Tdap shots, talk to your child's doctor, call 1-800-CDC-INFO or visit Bracken County Health Department has Tdap vaccine available. Contact us at 606-735-2157 to get vaccinated. 

Whooping Cough Sounds

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Every parent needs a second pair of HANDS!

The Health Access Nurturing Development Services (HANDS) program is a voluntary home visitation program for moms, dads, and families.  We provide information on prenatal care, nutrition, safety and child development, all to help you on your journey to be a successful parent. 

Contact us for more information.  Families can be enrolled prenatally or before a child is three months old. 

Through HANDS you will receive support, information and activities that will help you and your baby navigate early parenthood together.  Our goals are to support healthy child growth and development, ensure safe homes and help parents reach the goals they have for their children and their family.

To get involved, contact us at 606-735-2157 or visit

Every parent needs a second pair of HANDS!

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